Google Cloud Platform – every tool you’ll need to build and scale.

Google Cloud Platform or GCP is Google’s entire range of infrastructure, data analytics, and machine learning within their cloud. While we do not consult on the actual GCP tools, we help our clients get started and find experts within the field. We offer billing services, where we help negotiate discounts and assist with invoicing the usage to correct cost centers.

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Billing services

Key benefitsGCP core offerings

Full transparency on your spend

Collect all your GCP services in one Billing Account and get the exact overview of what services you have and the cost of them.
By having a Billing Account, you will have full transparency on your spendings and can up and downscale to fit your actual needs.

Overspending is not the way to go.

Flexible invoicing and discounts

We don’t want you to overpay for your GCP.
This is why we always strive for flexible and cheaper solutions. However you want your invoicing, we fit your needs. We can place it in different cost centers in your organization, split invoicing or another way.

That is up to our clients – we are flexible.

Security and architecture

Security and privacy are vital aspects of Google’s ecosystem, but are also complex. Google is actively working for tighter security and stricter privacy regulations.

We have a dedicated team of professionals to help you depending on the project or the specific task you are facing.

with us, change is easy

GCP Best Practice Advisory.

We have assisted our clients with GCP-related projects for years with a very simple purpose: to help them reach their goals in the best way possible. To do that, we have a team of engineers, product specialists, and product researchers ready at hand to help with any challenges.

gcp best practice
with us, change is easy

A helping hand with the GCP portfolio

The GCP’s portfolio has everything you need to build and scale digitally. It is massive, and there are thousands of vendors to choose from. This is why we’re there to help you when selecting and collaborating with multiple vendors. We’ll help create a customer-driven framework that enables you to reach your goals.


With the Compute Engine you can migrate apps from on-premises, multiple data centers, or multiple clouds in a fast, flexible, and safe way. It also enables you to reduce computing costs by up to 80%.


Store any type and any amount of data, and retrieve it as often as you’d like. Cloud Storage offers data transfer with online and offline transfer solutions, including Storage Transfer Service and Transfer Appliance.


BigQuery offers a lot of benefits. From reducing maintenance costs and simplifying migrations, to running analytics at scale with 26%-34% lower three-year TCO. It also enables you to ingest, process, and analyze event streams in real-time to make data more useful.

Machine learning

Machine learning covers a wide selection of helpful tools. Build, deploy, and scale more effective AI models. Improve customer service with Contact Center AI’s virtual agents and conversational AI products like Speech-to-Text.


In short, Google networking helps you scale projects quickly and safely while protecting your applications and websites. It also enables you to explore hybrid connectivity options, including VPN, peering, and enterprise support.

Developer tools

Write, debug, and run cloud-native applications, locally or in the cloud, quickly and easily with Cloud Code. With Cloud Build, continuously build, test, and deploy software across all languages and in multiple environments.