Duet AI –
enables you to create, connect, and collaborate like never before.

Helping you write content in Gmail and Google Docs. Create original images in Google Slides and organize your stuff in Google Sheets. This is just the beginning. Duet AI is here to be you right-hand and best friend in Google Workspace.

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introducing the next wave ofAI innovation in Google Workspace

Write content

Let Duet AI help write your emails and meaningful content in Google Docs. It uses artificial intelligence to suggest text for you. You can ask Duet AI to draft a letter, rewrite existing text or make it more formal, more concise, or more detailed.

Create images

Use the “Help me visualize” prompt to create images using artificial intelligence. Simply type in what you want to visualize, and Duet AI will do its best to create it for you whether it’s an image of a specific scene or abstract painting.

Organize and track

Create tables and track your data using artificial intelligence. Duet AI will help you organize. For example, you can ask Duet AI to draft a trip planner or a task tracker. This will generate column headers and example table contents based on your request.

Duet AI

Your personal AI assistant

Duet AI is a powerful tool that can help you with a variety of tasks. It can act as a coach, providing feedback and suggestions on your work. It can also be a thought partner, helping you to brainstorm ideas and come up with solutions to problems.

Duet AI can also be a source of inspiration, providing you with new ideas and perspectives.
Finally, Duet AI can be a productivity booster, helping you to get more done in less time. All of this is done while ensuring that you have complete control over your data. You can choose what data you share with Duet AI, and you can always delete your data if you no longer want it to be used.

Price points for everyoneDuet AI pricing plan.

Duet AI for Google Workspacefrom €29 /user /month

✍️ Write and edit in Gmail and Docs

🖼️ Create images from text in Google Slides

💡 Turn ideas into action and insights with Sheets

🎦 Foster more meaningful connections in Meet

📃 Work with AI building blocks in Google Docs


*Duet AI is a Google Workspace add-on for Business Standard SKU’s and above.

Available for a 30 days trial at no cost.
Contact us for more info.