We’re a Google Cloud Partner of the Year!

For going above and beyond for customers.






APPS People celebrates Google Cloud Sales Partner of the Year in the Nordics


After many years of hard work, it is with great honour to announce that Google Cloud has named APPS People the 2023 Sales Partner of the Year (Nordics)!

“Google Cloud’s partner awards recognize the significant impact and customer success that our partners have driven over the past year,” said Kevin Ichhpurani, Corporate Vice President, Global Ecosystem and Channels at Google Cloud. “We’re delighted to recognize APPS People as a 2023 Google Cloud Partner Award winner, and look forward to a continued strong partnership in support of our mutual customers.”

In 2007 when the company was founded it was a different world with new and also disruptive technologies that would change the way we work and collaborate. It was a time where humans and businesses changed behaviour. There was fear of change or excitement of change – and of course, APPS People joined the excitement-club.

Since then, Google Apps became G Suite, which became the product we all know today as Google Workspace. The product also transformed. The same did the behaviours and needs from the customers.

In the meantime, APPS People were growing and growing. From supporting one of the first enterprise customers in the Nordics, to choosing APPS People and Google Cloud.

In 2022, APPS People was officially advanced by achieving the Google Premier Partner status.
That was a huge milestone itself for our Copenhagen based company. Experience has been gathered over the years to help our clients with a knowledge-based approach.

APPS People believe in a straightforward purpose, and haven’t changed since we started.
We want to make life just a little bit easier for our clients by providing full-service support without any extra cost.

“By advancing and keeping a straightforward purpose, we are so proud to be Google Cloud’s Sales Partner of the Year in the Nordics. It just fits perfectly with APPS People’s business purpose. First the Premier Partner status in 2022, and now Google Cloud Sales Partner of the Year in 2023. A big thanks to our fantastic clients and super skilled employees”.

Mikkel Vibits

With this achievement, APPS People will do even more to what we are best at when it comes to serving clients with Google Cloud services.